Tom Wolfe Automaton For U-he Zebra 2

By | June 16, 2021

Tom Wolfe Automaton For U-he Zebra 2

Tom Wolfe Automaton For U-he Zebra 2


For fans of: Tron: Legacy, Mr. Robot

Automaton is a collection of 100 lo-fi robotic presets for U-he Zebra 2. Inspired by scores such as Tron: Legacy and Mr. Robot, Automaton is full of patches brimming with gritty, bit-crushed character. From crunchy percussion and tearing sequences, to crushed pads and soaring leads, this set is ideal for anyone looking to infuse their cinematic compositions with this unique robotic style.


ARP Beyond Stations
ARP Constant Conversations
ARP Critical Analysis
ARP Enter The Void
ARP Exponential Purgatory
ARP Internment
ARP Isolate, Restrain
ARP Melting Pot
ARP Minimatron
ARP Operator Error
ARP Retrofuturist
ARP Routine Maintenance
ARP Super Intelligence
ARP Time Is On Our Side
ARP Welcome To The Future
BS City Dweller
BS Fall In Line
BS Finding A Pulse
BS Help To Heal
BS Optimum Momentum
BS Suffocate
BS Taking Over
BS Talk Of The Town
BS Warping Pulse
FX Becoming Human
FX Colossal Computations
FX Heated Conversations
FX Midnight Rises
FX Tenacious Riser
KEY Broken Teeth
KEY Carried Away
KEY Digital Realm
KEY Glitter & Platinum
KEY Lost On The Factory Floor
KEY New Life
KEY Ocean Breeze
KEY Plastic Keys
KEY Random Digitization
KEY Stand Accused
KEY Stories Untold
KEY Surrealism
KEY Tuning The Senses
LD Complete Dismemberment
LD Deferred Life
LD Deliverance
LD Demonize
LD Eternal Termination
LD Fever To Fear
LD Ignition
LD Living Life
LD Long Distance
LD Selective Understanding
LD Torture Of The Mind
LD Transformative Robotics
PD A New World
PD Broken & Destitute
PD Collective Consciousness
PD Devolution
PD Ethercise
PD Glass Houses
PD Light Of Day
PD Luminescent Lives
PD Never The Same Again
PD Our Future
PD Reality Check
PD Selection Time
PD Silver Tongue
PD Sleep Paralysis
PD Slight Burden
PD Synthsation
PD Unorthodox Pad
SEQ Alleviate The Senses
SEQ Androids To The Slaughter
SEQ Artificial Lack Of Intelligence
SEQ Attack Of The Robots
SEQ Binary Sensation
SEQ Blipper
SEQ Dance Of The Robots
SEQ Falling Victim
SEQ Flatline Saviour
SEQ Imminent Threat
SEQ Keeping Promises
SEQ Kept In The Dark
SEQ Life Support
SEQ Light Resistance
SEQ Living On Europa
SEQ Machine Learning
SEQ Mainframe Bells
SEQ Modern Illusions
SEQ Negligence
SEQ Reality Sinking
SEQ Robotics Reaction
SEQ Show Time
SEQ Smacked Down
SEQ Stop The Clocks
SEQ Swamped Monster
SEQ Taciturn
SEQ Termination Transmission
SEQ Turning Heads
SEQ Unsuspecting Victim

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