Wheezy Outta Here™️ Leaked Sounds KiT WAV

By | April 25, 2022

Wheezy Outta Here™️ Leaked Sounds KiT WAV

Wheezy Outta Here™️ Leaked Sounds KiT WAV

Wheezy Outta Here™️ Leaked Sounds KiT

Sounds taken directly from various wheezy beat stems


! hat.wav
! wzy clap.wav
!!! hat 2.wav
!1 spinz 808 (wheezy).wav
!spinz treated.wav
!zay treated.wav
33 hi hat .wav
big wheezy zay 808.wav
chopped hat.wav
chopped kick.wav
closed wheezy hi hat.wav
ctm tag.wav
good clap.wav
gross beat symbol chops.wav
hard ass loop hats.wav
hi hat treated.wav
high 808 (wheezy).wav
mustard on t h be t h o.wav
oh yeah hat loop.wav
one clap.wav
other loud hat.wav
other zay 808.wav
p hat loop.wav
pretty loud clap.wav
pushed spinz (wheezy).wav
ring hat (wheezy).wav
roll of clicks.wav
screech 808 (wheezy).wav
slow clap.wav
small tick hat.wav
snare 40 (wheezy).wav
snare empty (wheezy).wav
spinz fat (wheezy).wav
tite rim.wav
weird fx loop.wav
wheezy 808 big sub hit .wav
wheezy 808 boogie bass .wav
wheezy hat hit hotbox.wav
wheezy kick 118.wav
wheezy open hat 1.wav
wheezy P rim P P P.wav
wheezy shake.wav
wheezy small hat.wav
wheezy snare (good).wav
wheezy snare 7.wav
wheezy snare drum.wav
wheezy snare hit 111.wav
wheezy spinz 808 (mixed).wav
wheezy zay 808 alt.wav
wzy 808 bass hit .wav
wzy bend 808.wav
wzy big kick.wav
wzy bubbly siren.wav
wzy cha cha hat loop.wav
wzy choppy hat loop.wav
wzy clank snare.wav
wzy clap baby.wav
wzy clap p.wav
wzy crisp clap.wav
wzy dist voxs.wav
wzy fast snare.wav
wzy growl 808 .wav
wzy hat 1.wav
wzy hat 2.wav
wzy hat 3.wav
wzy hat 4.wav
wzy hat 5.wav
wzy hat 6.wav
wzy hat 7.wav
wzy hat 8.wav
wzy hit zay.wav
wzy hurricane sub.wav
wzy keed 808.wav
wzy kick 1.wav
wzy kick 16.wav
wzy kick 2.wav
wzy kick 3.wav
wzy loud hat.wav
wzy nav clap.wav
wzy noise 808 (ambezza).wav
wzy noise kick.wav
wzy nudy clap.wav
wzy odd snare.wav
wzy other hat .wav
wzy pierre clap.wav
wzy quick hat.wav
wzy roll snare.wav
wzy room rim.wav
wzy roomy rim hit.wav
wzy small snare tiny.wav
wzy snare 1.wav
wzy snare 2.wav
wzy snare hit.wav
wzy snare main.wav
wzy snare verb .wav
wzy snareclap.wav
wzy snares mad loop.wav
wzy space noise.wav
wzy spinz lite.wav
wzy sub.wav
wzy suge .wav
wzy swell.wav
wzy trap snare .wav
wzy umru drums.wav
wzy worm sub.wav
wzy zay snare.wav

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