2getheraudio G8TOR v1.0.0.6224 WIN

By | October 4, 2021

2getheraudio G8TOR v1.0.0.6224 WIN

2getheraudio G8TOR v1.0.0.6224 WIN

Start with eMotion.
Nothing gives your music instant drive and emotion like a well-oiled step sequencer. A single note, chord or trigger pad can instantly transform your music track from “ok” to “WOW”. Whether you’re looking for a pulsing dance beat, a fast action cue, or a smooth rhythmic backdrop, G8TOR’s got you covered. Three separate sequencers, eight trigger pad FX, a cutting edge synth, and built-in effects. Are you ready to add eMotion™ to your music tracks? Let’s do it.

Sequencer Magic
Creating engaging rhythm and motion in your music doesn’t have to be an all day affair. G8TOR gives you three magical bullets to speed up the process. First up is an Arpeggiator with per-step control over velocity, filter, duration and stutter! With this many options for animating your chords you’ll never run out of ideas again.

Second up is an 8 step Note Sequencer for punchy beats, base lines, or animated background tracks. Customize your musical patterns with individual step control over the pitch, velocity, filter frequency, note duration, and stutter timing. Turn steps on or off, add some swing and customize the speed of the sequence to your DAW. If you want to go beyond what your fingers can play on their own, this is place to head to.

And finally 2getheraudio’s unique 8 step Filter Sequencer animates its resonant filter in perfect time with your music. Like the arpeggiator, just play your chord progression and let G8TOR synchronize your filter movement in perfect time with your DAW tempo. Forget hours of DAW automation programming, G8TOR’s filter sequencer will get you there in minutes.

Don’t program your effects. Play Them!
Nothing kills your creative flow faster than having to draw-in DAW automation data. Even those words sound uninspiring!

G8TOR’s Live Pad Effects give your sequencer lines instant variation. Rise, sweep, pan, crush, filter, mod, and stutter your track into endless sonic realities just by hitting a pad. An easy MIDI learn parameter lets you quickly assign your controller pads to each pad effect. 5 different play modes for each pad let you decide exactly how you want to trigger and control each effect.


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