30 Day Singer How to Gradually Sing Higher TUTORIAL

By | May 4, 2022

30 Day Singer How to Gradually Sing Higher TUTORIAL

30 Day Singer How to Gradually Sing Higher TUTORIAL

Welcome to your tutorial on how to gradually sing higher! We’ll get to all the tips and exercises soon enough, but I want you to have these 3 things in mind right away:

1.Be patient and consistent: stretching your range takes time, but you’ll make progress with daily practice.
2.Relax! The biggest hindrance to your high notes is tension. The more you open up and let go, the easier it’ll be.
3.Don’t judge the sound. Our goal in the beginning is just phonation, or making sound. It may sound squeaky or breathy; it may crack or disappear. As long as you’re not straining or in pain, stay relaxed and keep at it!

In each part of this tutorial, remind yourself: patience, relaxation, non-judgment. Part 1 is called “Starting Small”, because we’ll begin with exercises that use a small sound, narrow vowels, and partial closure of the vocal tract (SOVT’s). Part 2 introduces range-extending exercises that are both ascending and descending. And part 3 is all about opening up and sustaining high notes, with a lifted palate and an open throat position.

Remember, you can take as much time as you need. Only move onto the next video when you’re feeling confident and ready.


  • 1: Intro
  • 2: Warming Up
  • 3: Starting small (SOVT’s, narrow vowels, small sound)
  • 4: Range-extending exercises (Top-down & Bottom-up, Wide-range)
  • 5: Opening up & Sustaining (Lifted palate, open throat, slight tilt backward)
  • 6: Conclusion

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