30 Day Singer Intro to R&B TUTORIAL

By | May 3, 2022

30 Day Singer Intro to RnB TUTORIAL

30 Day Singer Intro to R&B TUTORIAL

Welcome! So you’d like to start working on your r&b vocals. As a supplement to a lot of listening, this tutorial will help you develop some of the technical skills you’ll need. All levels are welcome! But if you feel a little overwhelmed with runs or controlling vibrato, we have tutorials on those topics for you to check out first.

Part 1 covers runs and improvisation – and I promise you don’t need experience with improv to start. In part 2, we’ll work on our rich chest voice tone. And part 3 is all about controlling vibrato.


  • 1: Intro
  • 2: Runs & Improvisation
  • 3: Rich Chest Voice Tone
  • 4: Slower Vibrato
  • 5: Conclusion

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