343 Pro Sessions Kora: Making a Track from Start to Finish TUTORIAL

By | May 30, 2022

343 Pro Sessions Kora Making a Track from Start to Finish TUTORIAL

343 Pro Sessions Kora: Making a Track from Start to Finish TUTORIAL

Kora is a music producer, touring DJ, and teacher who released on labels like Anjunadeep, Kindisch, Sol Selectas, Buddha Bar, and his own Montreal record label Saisons Musique. His passion for exploring world music and recording the universe that surrounds us is combined with his experience as a house music producer since 2009. The Kora project blends organic elements and modern sound design, ranging from ambient and deep house to tribal and progressive music.

During a 4 hour in-person workshop at 343 Labs NYC, Kora will collaborate with the students to build a track from scratch in Ableton Live. The objective of the session is to explore the creative process and the workflow necessary to create a song from scratch while using different editing and sound design techniques to personalize simple layers into unique sounding elements. Kora will combine those elements and arrange them into a cohesive track so the participants can learn new tools to help them dive into music-making with an efficient workflow and more creative freedom.


  •  Exploring the creative process
  •  Recording sounds
  •  Playing with percussion and editing it
  •  Creating a rhythmic sequence
  •  Sound design and melodies
  •  Arrangement and balance
  •  Q&A on music and career

The software used will be Ableton Live 10 Suite

Note: Please download all the .rar parts to get the full working pack!

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