Ableton Vocal Synths ALP

By | April 17, 2019

Ableton Vocal Synths ALP

Ableton Vocal Synths ALP
Size 247 Mb

Ableton vocal synths gives you over 100 vocal synth racks to play voices like they were instruments.  With vocal tones from over 50 different vocalists….put into ableton racks and made into pseudo “synths” for playing melodies and lead lines with voices!

  • Create Melbourne Bounce, EDM & Trap Mono Vocals Melodies – quickly and easily!
  • Create unique Vocal layered sounds with several voices in seconds!
  • Add interesting Vocal layers to your Lead or Melody synth!

One thing that you can add is something you can’t get with soft synths alone…adding a layer of a sung vocal tone makes your sound different and unique.  Not only is this a different pack and can get you a very original sound when used creatively, its also a lot of fun to use to!

Racks are tuned for easy auditioning and replacing, with macro assignments for envelope and pitch controls.

Included are:

  • Mono instruments consisting of monophonic vocal notes designed for Melbourne bounce / EDM pitch bend vox.
  • Poly instruments for adding to big breakdown synths or using individually or layered and interesting melody instruments.
  • Plus a bonus of 100 vocal glitch loops at 128 BPM.

If you want a way to put some original vocal melodics into your productions, Ableton vocal synths is for you!

Please Note: Ableton Live 9+ required.  Only Vocals and Ableton racks included in this product, other sounds in the Demo are for illustration perposes

  • Ableton Live 9+
  • 100 Ableton Vocal Synth Racks
  • 100 Bonus Glitch Vocal Loops

Demo Preview:

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