Abrsm Grade 4 Online Music Theory TUTORIAL

By | February 17, 2023

 Abrsm Grade 4 Online Music Theory TUTORIAL

Abrsm Grade 4 Online Music Theory TUTORIAL

Learn Music Theory and Ace the ABRSM Music Theory Online Exam – Grade 4

What you’ll learn:

  • ABRSM Online Music Theory Syllabus for Grade 4
  • Step- by- step guide on how to tackle each type of questions in the grade 4 ABRSM Online Music Theory Exam
  • Covers all the sections tested: rhythm, pitch, keys and scales, intervals, tonic triads and chords, terms and signs, ornaments and instruments, music in context
  • Sample questions covering the different types of questions in the grade 4 ABRSM online music theory exam, to help you better prepare for the exam


  • Interest in learning music theory
  • Some knowledge of music theory from previous grades

Are you looking for a comprehensive online course that will help you prepare for your ABRSM Grade 4 theory exam? Then this course is the one for you. This is a COMPLETE COURSE created to help you prepare for the NEW ABRSM Grade 4 Online Music Theory Exam.WE GUIDE YOU THROUGH HOW TO ANSWER EACH TYPE OF QUESTION IN THE EXAM!About the instructor:Hello, I’m RL, and I have many years of experience preparing students for the ABRSM piano practical, piano performance grades, and music theory exam. More about the course:This course is a result of my many years of experience teaching students music theory, and preparing them for the ABRSM music theory exams.With the ABRSM Music Theory exams for grades 1 to 5 going online, there is a big change in how questions are tested, and I have designed this course to help you prepare yourself for the exams from my years of experience. In this course, I’ll go the concepts needed to answer the questions in the grade 4 ABRSM music theory exam. In ABRSM Grade 4 Online Music Theory Exam, there are 7 sections:RhythmPitchKeys and scalesIntervalsTonic Triads/ ChordsTerms and Signs, Ornaments and InstrumentsMusic in ContextIn this course, we’ll cover the content tested in each section, and exam techniques on how to answer the question in each section easily.The course is structured in this way. I’ll start off by explaining the concept, and then introducing the questions that are tested, how they are asked, and how to answer them. My students have tried these methods and many have achieved Distinction for their ABRSM Music Theory exams. Enroll now and take the first step towards acing your exam!


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Rhythm

  • Lecture 2 Time signature
  • Lecture 3 Time value of notes
  • Lecture 4 Duplets, triplets and other irregular time division
  • Lecture 5 Time Signature – Simple vs Compound Time
  • Lecture 6 Time value of notes – Simple vs Compound Time
  • Lecture 7 Grouping for 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time (revision)
  • Lecture 8 Grouping for 2/2, 3/2 and 4/2 time (revision)
  • Lecture 9 Grouping for 3/8 time (revision)
  • Lecture 10 Grouping for 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8 time)

Section 3: Pitch

  • Lecture 11 Alto Clef
  • Lecture 12 Double flats and double sharps and Enharmonic
  • Lecture 13 Enharmonic equivalent Part 2

Section 4: Keys and Scales

  • Lecture 14 Major and minor keys with sharps
  • Lecture 15 Major and minor keys with flats
  • Lecture 16 Minor keys
  • Lecture 17 D minor scale as an example
  • Lecture 18 Assignment: minor scales
  • Lecture 19 Chromatic Scales
  • Lecture 20 Question 3.4

Section 5: Intervals

  • Lecture 21 Introduction to intervals
  • Lecture 22 Steps to find interval
  • Lecture 23 Step 1
  • Lecture 24 Step 2
  • Lecture 25 Step 3
  • Lecture 26 Step 3 Method 1
  • Lecture 27 Step 3 Method 2

Section 6: Triads and Chords

  • Lecture 28 Chords I, IV, V

Section 7: Terms & Signs, ornaments and Instruments

  • Lecture 29 Terms and Signs
  • Lecture 30 Flashcards for terms and signs
  • Lecture 31 Ornaments
  • Lecture 32 Instruments

Section 8: Music in Context

  • Lecture 33 Introduction to music in context
  • Lecture 34 Music in context question

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