Academia MusicBizz Mastering EN TU Home Studio [TUTORIAL]

By | January 20, 2023

Academia MusicBizz Mastering EN TU Home Studio [TUTORIAL]

Academia MusicBizz Mastering EN TU Home Studio [TUTORIAL]

Does it happen to you that your mixes sound busted, or not with enough bass? Maybe you hear them just fine in your studio, but they fall apart completely on other gear, leaving you embarrassed. Maybe they sound very low volume and when you try to give them more power, they become a total distortion disaster.

While mastering can never fix a mix mess, it can make it sound better by giving it what’s missing, or taking away what’s left.

Join me in this practical course and quickly learn how to give that professional touch to your mixes, so that they sound more powerful and full of life.

All this, exclusively with plugins that you can use in your favorite DAW, and without the need for hardware more expensive than a kidney.

In this course you will learn how I use effects such as equalization to achieve the correct tonal balance for the song, and compression and limiting to give it that “business volume” so that the music stands out from other artists.

Course Information:

  • Duration: 44m
  • Level: Basic-Intermediate
  • Modules: 8

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