An Introduction to Pre-Production Sound for Film TUTORIAL

By | April 2, 2022

An Introduction to Pre-Production Sound for Film TUTORIAL

Join Ana Betancourt, the Head of Sound Innovations at Black Goblin for a comprehensive introduction to sound during the pre-production phase of filmmaking. In this class, Ana will cover all crucial aspects of pre-production sound and walk you through the not so known audio facts that every filmmaker wish they knew earlier in their careers.

Learn how to prepare for sound production and post-production from the beginning of your project and practice industry-standard and highly creative methods for envisioning audio in an artistic way, such as a script breakdown and storyboard analysis. At the same time, find out how these methods can help you troubleshoot technical sound problems even before you are on set, saving you time, money, and a lot of hassle.

This class is aimed at filmmakers of all levels who wish to understand how sound works and how they can get the best results every single time and plan to do so.

Class modules:

  • The Phases of Filmmaking
  • Why is sound pre-production crucial to your film?
  • Recruiting a Sound Crew
  • Script Breakdown
  • Conversations with the Director
  • Location & RECCE
  • Storyboard Breakdown
  • Sound & Wardrobe
  • Conversations with the Production Department
  • Scheduling Sound
  • Conversations with the Photography Department

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