Arturia Augmented VOICES v1.0.1.2684 VST VST3 AAX STANDALONE [WIN]

By | July 27, 2022

Arturia Augmented VOICES v1.0.1.2684 VST VST3 AAX STANDALONE [WIN]

Arturia Augmented VOICES v1.0.1 VST VST3 AAX STANDALONE [WIN]

Augmented VOICES uniquely fuses detailed vocal samples with modern synthesis engines for an intuitive software instrument that equips producers with a comprehensive palette of pristine, intimate, and commanding voice sounds for modern production.

Hybrid voice engine

Your own organic-synthetic ensemble.

Augmented VOICES takes you beyond conventional choir sounds and familiar one-shots to discover entirely new vocal dimensions for contemporary music production. Whether you’re looking for evocative human timbres for your composition or hybrid whispered textures for pop mixes, embrace the fusion of sampling and synthesis and find your new go-to voice.

Fresh vocal textures

Augmented VOICES hybrid engine elevates the human voice to new heights. This is no ordinary library of static samples or simulated vowel tones – these voices are altered, enhanced, and augmented into sounds that’ll reignite your musicality.

Layer your own sound

Create whatever kind of choral or vocal sound you seek with Augmented VOICES’ multi-engine architecture. You’ve got 2 layers to play with, each containing 2 sound sources, allowing you to build a fully personalized combo of sampled and synthesized voices.

Realistic to abstract

From epic choir soundscapes to processed vocalizations, Augmented VOICES combines over 50 voice articulations with 4 synth engines and built-in FX for a huge range of modern and abstract vocal sounds for any style.

Morphing power

Seamlessly move between Augmented VOICES’ sound layers and alter multiple sonic elements in unison with the innovative Morph control. Create dramatic and ever-evolving sounds from human to synthetic, light to dark, subtle to explosive.

Transform sound instantly

Augmented VOICES’ controls strike the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality; interact with your sound and create expressive movement in real-time with intuitive macro controls, for refined dynamics and variety without ever leaving the main panel.

Deeper customization

Augmented VOICES is designed as your go-to instrument for immediately inspiring voice sounds – but its advanced panel lets you deep dive when you need to. Massive modulation, arpeggiation, and engine customization awaits.

Morphing: new vocal realities

Unlock the sonic space between real and surreal.

The combination of a beautifully-recorded sample library and 4 powerful synthesis engines already guarantees a fresh and exciting spectrum of sound. But it’s Augmented VOICES’ Morph control that truly unlocks the full potential of this innovative instrument. Navigate near-limitless sonic territory between Layers A and B, and simultaneously tweak up to 8 custom destinations for a sound that evolves with every touch.


Enjoy intimate, expressive, powerful vocal sounds with Augmented VOICES’ built-in sample library. Featuring 6 multi-talented vocalists, the library was captured with world-class microphones in a specialized space, ensuring that every vowel and articulation resonates the right way. From rich chamber-style choruses to punchy pop vocals, this library delivers the goods.


Whether you need to embellish your vocal patch with bass-heavy analog, or forge entirely synthetic granular textures, Augmented VOICES’ comes fully equipped with 4 flexible synth engines. Designed by the same teams behind Pigments and V Collection, these are entire instruments within an instrument: Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, and Harmonic.

Instant, innovative and inspiring

Go from close-up sampled voices to dense hybrid choir in seconds.

Tap into the most versatile range of vocal sounds and tailor them to suit your style with Augmented VOICES’ approachable, flexible controls, getting you to your sonic destination in as little time as possible.

  • Morph
    Move seamlessly between human and synth, create a dense tapestry of layered sound, and tweak up to 8 parameters with a single sweep of Augmented VOICES’ central Morph control. A whole new dimension of authentic and abstract sound within one preset.
  • Color, Time, Motion
    For quick expressive changes, Augmented VOICES’ macros offer instinctive control over several parameters simultaneously – sprinkle in some movement, refine the timbral character, and find your position between fast and slow in real-time with these 3 controls.
  • FX, Delay, Reverb
    Shape the final stages of Augmented VOICES’ sound path. Introduce your own custom FX slots, or dial in some ambience with the dedicated Delay and Reverb master FX. Whether you’re looking for the right atmosphere, or sounds altered beyond recognition, these simple controls guarantee quick and inspiring results.

Advanced sound design

Total custom control over your chosen voice sound.

Augmented VOICES’ Advanced panel goes beneath its easy-to-use controls for massive customization and sound design flexibility when you need it. From sound sources to complex modulation, it’s all here.

Capturing magic

To ensure that Augmented VOICES’ delivers the exhilarating sounds you’re after, it first needs high-quality samples.

Over 80 hours of arranging, recording, and editing were overseen by leading sound designers, responsible for some of the greatest major-label vocal sounds in contemporary music (Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music, Sony BMG). The sessions took place in specialized studios in Hannover, Germany, using world-class mics and studio equipment from the likes of Neumann, Microtech Gefell, and Heritage Audio.

Featuring 21 male articulations and 30 female articulations, this focused library channels the true emotive power of the human voice, lifelike and stirring, and yours to manipulate.

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