Aval Audio Harm Farm for Max for Live

By | October 7, 2022

Aval Audio Harm Farm for Max for Live-0000

Aval Audio Harm Farm for Max for Live

It’s a multi tap delay matrix, where each possible line (up to 8) is integrated a high quality pitchshifter. The stereo signal is spread per channel in other 4 different pitchshifters, and through a patch bay you can connect the 8 channels inputs to different 8 outputs, or connect a single channel to multiple outputs, provided with delays which can be set in 3 different modes:

▬ Ratio for time synced fraction in order to obtain crazy rhythm and polyrhythmic patterns.

▬ Free to get unsynced delay times

▬ Sync, to get repetitions of the first delay line. With this m4l you can shift and delay sounds, creating clouds of harmonization, or adding some spice to drum patterns and toppers loops.

With the device you’ll find 4 presets ideas to start with.

PatchBay to connect I/O simply by click&drag between two points. In order to delete a connection press “option” or “alt” and click the line.
8 PitchShifters with -24st minimum and +24st maximum.
8 Delay lines with 3 differents mode:
Ratio allows you to enter fractions of time synced to bpm.
Free allows you to enter absolute times in milliseconds.
Sync creates, by using the first delay line as a starting point, delay times multiple of the first.

DW: amount of dry or wet signal.

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