Becoming A Hitmaker with Scott Storch TUTORIAL

By | June 2, 2022

Becoming A Hitmaker with Scott Storch TUTORIAL

Scott Storch Masterclass | Becoming a Hitmaker

Discover the hitmaking workflow that made him a legend

The 8x Grammy-winning producer in his first-ever Masterclass

Dr.Dre, 50Cent, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Trippie Redd, are just a few artists he’s made hits for.

Scott Storch Masterclass

Get inside his hits

Learn from the mastermind producer behind hits like Dr. Dre’s ‘Still D.R.E.’ and 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’. You’ll discover everything from his keyboard techniques to keeping things simple, composing strong melodies that make great tracks, looking for the perfect imperfection and finding that one sonic element which makes a track special.

Watch him create step by step

Follow his workflow for the first time as he lays out how to create a track from scratch. Watch him progress quickly and follow his range of techniques – how he lays the foundations, the plugins he uses when picking the sounds, how he defines the song’s structure and chooses the right tempo, and adds 808s to his beat.

Grasp the keys to his sound

Pick up on the valuable insights from the 30-year career of one of the most famous record producers of all time. Discover his methods for working with labels and major artists, dealing with egos in the studio and building a good vibe to get the best results from a session.

What will I learn?

Becoming Scott Storch

  • 01. My story

In the studio

  • 02. Planning to work with a major artist
  • 03. Dealing with egos in the studio

My signature sound

  • 04. My keyboard techniques
  • 05. Choosing sounds
  • 06. Selecting drum sounds

Creating a track from scratch

  • 07. Defining a song structure
  • 08. Defining a bassline
  • 09. Choosing a tempo and progressing a song
  • 10. Live studio session: making a track from scratch

Track Reviews

  • 11. Track Review: Still D.R.E. – Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
  • 12. Track Review: Candy Shop – 50 Cent
  • 13. Track Review: Fighter – Christina Aguilera

Inside the industry

  • 14. Relationships between music producers and labels
  • 15. Music production evolution

Tips for new producers

  • 16. Working with new artists
  • 17. Tips for new producers

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