Beginner Guitar Bootcamp: Learn 100+ Songs in 7 Days, Even if You’ve Never Played Before PDF

By | October 12, 2022

Beginner Guitar Bootcamp Learn 100+ Songs in 7 Days, Even if You’ve Never Played Before

Beginner Guitar Bootcamp: Learn 100+ Songs in 7 Days, Even if You’ve Never Played Before PDF

Imagine picking up a guitar today for the first time ever, and impressing your friends and family with your ability to strum over 100 songs only 7 days from now.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds! You also don’t have to practice all day to achieve this result. All it takes is about an hour a day of guitar playing for the next 7 days.

Discover how you, too, can learn over 100 songs in a week or less on guitar even if you never touched a guitar before.

Be prepared to become the life of the party, at every party, with the vast song repertoire you will amass within 7 days of learning from Beginner Guitar Bootcamp. Even guitarists of intermediate level can use this book as a songbook resource to entertain by strumming songs for many hours on end at parties.

The songs you will learn in the book, cover a wide array of musical styles, bands and artists, some of which include: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Talking Heads, Pink, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Cream, The Police, Kendrick Lamar, Led Zeppelin, Beck, Radiohead, The Animals, The Beach Boys, Keith Urban, Tom Petty, Sade, Cardi B, The Velvet Underground, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young, Santana, Sublime, Nirvana, Lily Allen, Steely Dan, and many more.

Of course, as a complete beginner, you would not be able to play the guitar solos or riffs to these songs as on the album in only 1 week of playing, but you WILL be able to strum all these songs along with the record or by yourself to entertain your friends.

Beginner Guitar Bootcamp teaches the chords and guitar strum rhythms that every beginning guitar student always starts with, then teaches how to play well over a hundred songs in a week.

These fantastic results that “Beginner Guitar Bootcamp” guarantees are one of the reasons why the author, Vreny Van Elslande, is among the most sought-after guitar teachers in the greater Los Angeles area. His students progress incredibly quickly. He has helped students go from complete beginners to professional, full-income-earning musicians in three years or less.

He organized and worded the learning material in “Beginner Guitar Bootcamp” using the same learning techniques, structure, and communication styles that guarantee all his students their outstanding results and progress. It is one of the reasons why he can count so many celebrities and famous musicians amongst his client roster.

Some of the lessons include:

  • How to Practice for Top Results
  • How to Tune the Guitar
  • How to Hold the Guitar
  • How to Play with Great Technique
  • Rhythm & Strumming
  • How to Keep Time
  • All the Chords Everyone Starts With
  • How to Switch Between Chords
  • How to Transpose Songs to Easier Keys
  • Some Basic Music Theory
  • Bar Chords
  • I IV V
  • Blues
  • Well Over 100 Songs

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