Beginner Guitar Changing Chords Smoothly TUTORIAL

By | December 17, 2022

Beginner Guitar Changing Chords Smoothly TUTORIAL

Beginner Guitar Changing Chords Smoothly TUTORIAL

How To Change Between Your Chords Smoothly

What you’ll learn:

  • Holding the guitar and proper left and right arm and hand positions
  • Committing chord formations to memory
  • Chord changing efficiencies and muscle memory
  • Chord changing on the beat supported by counting


  • No prior guitar experience needed

In an earlier set of Lessons, we had a look at the common open chord formations for Major Chords, Minor Chords and some Seventh Chords. If you haven’t gone through those videos yet, I really encourage you to check them out on my website because learning your chords and committing them to memory is a basic building block on your journey towards strumming rhythms and playing songs.Another important step to help get us there is learning to change between your chords smoothly. A term that gets used often in this regard is Transitioning your Chords or Chord Transitions. This set of Lessons is going to focus on just that….helping you Change your chords smoothly.This skill takes time, so be patient with yourself, but it is an essential one if you have your sights set on accompanying yourself singing or playing music with others in a group. In order to eventually play along to a rhythm and do so “on the beat” as it is called, you must have the ability to change between your chords without hesitation.In fact, you should know that the Rhythm Guitarist in a group is relied upon, just like the drummer to set and keep the beat going throughout a song. So, this is an important job in a musical group. It’s a leadership position in many ways.In this set of Lessons, we are going to focus on a simple down strum because I want much of your attention to be on your left hand. I am preparing a separate set of Lessons on teaching you various strumming and rhythm patterns, but before we get there, I really want you to get good at changing between chords so we’re going to keep things more simple with the right hand for now.I’m going to break this down into 5 main parts:1) Holding Your Guitar2) Tips for Improving Your Chord Changes3) Counting in Music4) Exercises5) Practice GuidanceSo, go find your guitar, tune it up and let’s begin….

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Guitar Players
  • Beginner Musicians

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