Beginner Guitar Chord Book: Your First 99 Guitar Chords PDF

By | January 31, 2022

Beginner Guitar Chord Book: Your First 99 Guitar Chords PDF

Beginner Guitar Chord Book: Your First 99 Guitar Chords PDF

Learn your first 99 guitar chords quickly using Brent’s visual system tried and tested with thousands of students. Designed for the complete beginner to intermediate level guitar players of any age. The chords you will learn are the most frequently played chords in pop, country, folk, and rock guitar playing.

Start off learning the 16 easy 1, 2, and 3 finger chords, then move on to the 12 essential chords all guitarists must know. Make sure to take all the visual quizzes to help memorize these important chord shapes! Next comes 35 more commonly used chords, followed by the 16 sharps and flats chords.

After you have a good grasp of these chords, you can start to focus on playing barre chords. Brent has included 7 tips to master barre chords with accompanying exercises.

If you are into rock music, work on the 4 main power chords with some great little song patterns. Then on to the 8 moveable chords that you can transpose up and down the guitar neck.

Also, three of the most important charts you will ever need are included: the major key chart showing the chords in each key (which is great for learning or writing your own songs); a handy capo chart to help you transpose to any key; the all-important guitar fingerboard charts, so you know where you are going.

As an added bonus, there are three different printable blank guitar chord charts to add more chords to your repertoire or just write down your favourite songs.

The Beginner Guitar Chord Book will you get jamming in no time. Check out Brent’s website for the accompanying video and audio tracks, plus a good selection of guitar books and free lessons.


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