Better Beatmaker The Ultimate Beatmaking Course TUTORIAL

By | October 4, 2022

Better Beatmaker The Ultimate Beatmaking Course TUTORIAL

Better Beatmaker The Ultimate Beatmaking Course TUTORIAL

I’m Navie D, the creator of Better Beatmaker. I have been making beats for 15+ years, and have worked with world-renowned artists, produced a soundtrack for a top-selling video game, and gained millions of listens on my own music on Spotify.

Most importantly, I have helped thousands of producers learn how to make beats. Better Beatmaker members have even produced for artists, and make an income selling beats in as little as 6 months!

When I started, I was exactly where you are now. It feels like there is so much to learn, you don’t know what is important, and what you need to know.

Better Beatmaker will give you the answers to these questions, and will guide you to become a producer.

What is Better Beatmaker?

Learn The Art Of Production
Master important production skills like loop construction, melody building, sampling, sound selection, pattern construction, arrangement, mixing/mastering, and much more.

Level Up Fast
Gain years of beatmaking knowledge in a short amount of time. By joining, you will progress quickly and efficiently

Start Sounding Pro
Transform your beats from amateur to professional. You will be able to get your beats to sound exactly how you want them to.

Become A Producer
You have the potential to make extraordinary beats. Better Beatmaker will help you reach your potential, so you can finally become the producer you want to be.

What is Beat Design?
The regular path to becoming a producer forces you learn traditional music theory, spend your time watching YouTube tutorials that don’t explain anything, suffer through years of trial and error, and waste a lot of your brilliant beat ideas.

Better Beatmaker is different. It shows you how to make beats directly, and explains it in the most simple way. It’s perfect for aspiring beatmakers with no musical background who want to make amazing beats immediately.

Beat Design helps you make better beats on day 1, instead of day 1142.

Here’s How It Works
Better Beatmaker takes you through the entire beatmaking process, step-by-step, showing you the important systems and formulas along the way. You will also see the common mistakes producers make so you can avoid them.

Section 1 – Starting A Beat

  • How to build your own loops and samples
  • How to choose the right sounds for your beat
  • How to add sounds into your beat
  • How to sample, and build your own melodies

Section 2 – Building A Beat

  • How to build drum patterns
  • How to choose better drum sounds
  • How to build basslines
  • How to add detail into your beat

Section 3 – Arranging A Beat

  • How to turn your loop into a full beat
  • How to structure your beats
  • How to build transitions into your beat
  • How to make your beat sound complete

Section 4 – Finishing A Beat

  • How to figure out what’s wrong with your beat
  • How to troubleshoot your beat
  • How to fix your beat
  • How to make sure your beat is usable

Section 5 – Mixing A Beat

  • How to mix your beat
  • How to master your beat
  • How to get your beats to sound professional
  • How to use your mixing tools

Bonus – Marketing A Beat

  • How to find artists to work with
  • How to grow your social media
  • How to sell your beats
  • How to build a beatselling system

Better Beatmaker BONUSES
That’s not all you get…
Better Beatmaker comes with 1000+ samples, made by the top sample and sound creators in the world.

The full library includes:

  • 904+ drum samples, 190+ drum loops
  • 86+ samples, 479+ sample stems

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