Blues Lead Guitar Made Easy Minimalistic Blues Guitar TUTORIAL

By | March 21, 2023

Blues Lead Guitar Made Easy Minimalistic Blues Guitar TUTORIAL

Blues Lead Guitar Made Easy Minimalistic Blues Guitar TUTORIAL

THE Easiest Blues Lead Guitar Lessons Method for TRULY Understanding How Blues Guitar Improvisation: Electric & Acoustic

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how to TRULY speak the blues in the most simple, yet effective way, “feeling” the notes and understanding their roles from an organic perspective
  • Discover how to EASILY unlock the entire guitar neck, by understanding how octaves and the adjacent string rule simplify the fretboard for blues and ALL genres
  • Understand the significance of each of the notes in the blues scale, how they are used, when to use them and how to find YOUR own blues style on the guitar
  • Never get lost again, no matter where you are on the neck or what key is thrown at you. You will truly understand the neck in a seamless way

The basics of picking, fretting would be helpful. A basic understanding of hammer-ons, pull-offs and slide will also assist quickening your learning. Practice cannot be avoided for success in this blues lead course.

From instructor, Erich Andreas/YourGuitarSage, who has the largest student base of any instructor on the web(nearly 700,000 students) and author of #1 Udemy course Complete Guitar System as well as several other best-selling Udemy courses, Blues Lead Guitar Made Easy: Minimalistic Blues Guitar is THE easiest blues lead guitar lessons method for TRULY understanding how blues guitar improvisation actually works. This course is designed for players who do not want to get caught in the minutiae of theory and heavy lessons that slow you down. You see, the blues is built upon the pentatonic scale, with the added b5, for a total of 6 notes. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED to make GREAT sounding blues lead guitar music. SO, why get overwhelmed with anything more than that? SRV didn’t, Robert Johnson didn’t, Jimi Hendrix didn’t, why should we?The method that I teach in this course was NEVER taught to me by any of my instructors. I never learned about it in a book or saw a video on it. It is based off of teaching blues lead guitar for nearly 40 years and it’s by far the most organic and EASY way to approach blues lead guitar.It is based off of a simple pattern that is FULL of all those tasty blues notes that once understood, will allow you to move it ALL over the neck in ANY key allowing you to play the same licks without getting confused.Add in a healthy dose of visual jam tracks and you will be well on your way to blues freedom! Backed by Udemy’s money-back guarantee, you cannot go wrong with this banger, blues course.We can’t wait to see you inside the course!


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Introduction to the Visual Representation of Minimalistic Blues
  • Lecture 3 SlowMo Blues in A
  • Lecture 4 Exploring Pattern 1 – Green
  • Lecture 5 Minimalistic Blues Observations
  • Lecture 6 Exploring Pattern 2- Red
  • Lecture 7 Working on Phrasing without the Jam Track
  • Lecture 8 Exploring Pattern 3 – Blue
  • Lecture 9 Exploring Pattern 4 – Yellow
  • Lecture 10 Exploring Pattern 5 – Brown
  • Lecture 11 Explanation of Track Variation: Blues Shuffle Swing in A
  • Lecture 12 Blues Shuffle Swing A – Visual Jam Track
  • Lecture 13 Explanation of Track Variation: Pride & Joy in A
  • Lecture 14 Pride and Joy In A – Visual Jam Track
  • Lecture 15 Explanation of Track Variation: Feel of ZZ Top
  • Lecture 16 Feel of ZZ Top in A Visual Jam Track
  • Lecture 17 Other Keys Explanation
  • Lecture 18 SlowMo Blues in C
  • Lecture 19 Blues Shuffle Swing in C
  • Lecture 20 Pride & Joy in C
  • Lecture 21 Feel of ZZ Top in C
  • Lecture 22 Slow Mo Blues in G
  • Lecture 23 Blues Shuffle Swing in G
  • Lecture 24 Pride & Joy in G
  • Lecture 25 Feel of ZZ Top in G
  • Lecture 26 Slow Mo Blues in E
  • Lecture 27 Blues Shuffle Swing in E
  • Lecture 28 Pride & Joy in E
  • Lecture 29 Feel of ZZ Top in E
  • Lecture 30 Slow Mo Blues in D
  • Lecture 31 Blues Shuffle Swing in D
  • Lecture 32 Pride & Joy in D
  • Lecture 33 Feel of ZZ Top in D
  • Lecture 34 Conclusion
  • This course is intended for guitar players looking to truly understand blues lead guitar improvisation in a way that is easy and fun, using a method that integrates a true understanding of the “feel” of blues using minimalistic patterns that are easily remembered.

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