BOOM – 60 Artist Kick Drum Samples WAV

By | May 16, 2022

BOOM - 60 Artist Kick Drum Samples WAV

BOOM – 60 Artist Kick Drum Samples WAV

Finding or creating the perfect kick drum is one of the hardest things in music production…

So I figured I’d save you the headache and take my 15 years of expertise and do it for you…

I went ahead and created 60 sonically-proven, tuned kick drums, perfectly modeled after the biggest artists in the world today. They’re specifically designed to give you the confidence to build your song around as good of a starting point as possible.

Stop thinking you need millions of kicks and powerful processing chains to make a kick hit like you want. These kicks simply are the best in the game, and the examples below prove it. Listen for yourself!

BOOM Specs:

  • 60 Artist Kicks
  • Compatible with any DAW
  • File Size: 12 MB

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