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Busy Works Beats CHORD MAGIC Course

Busy Works Beats CHORD MAGIC

Chord Magic Learn the Secret Art of Creating Mood Moving Chords.

Imagine right clicking the pencil tool in FL Studio and selecting random chords and scales. Then madly inserting them into the piano roll hoping you’d reach a sound of Bach status. Well, that was me at one time. I remember picking random chords like Maj7add13 and throwing those randomly into my piano parts. I finally realized I didn’t have the right approach to achieving lush piano parts I once heard in Jazz songs. I thought I knew what I was doing but was completely off. Even when I attempted to make long songs, my chords would clash with the melody and the song would not get finished.

Finally, through: pain; trial and error and luck I discovered an easier way to understand chord progressions. Once I simplified the four aspects of writing great chord progressions I knew I could share it with other producers who had no music theory history.

This course was boiled down to make it as easy to understand as possible. We still recommend you take a look at Music Theory in a Day before this course because it will fill in the gaps you weren’t taught in school.

I get messages and comments from snobby music sticklers who swear by their music theory books that a certain approach or technique is not correct. They want you to think music theory is SUPER complicated because they paid $40,000 in tuition a year to learn what we teach on YouTube.

Inside Chord Magic, you not only learn how to create chord progressions, you get to learn how to make chords your own. This will guide you in creating your own style of music. There are also some secret bonuses in the course as well.

Many of our 100,000 subscribers told us they wanted a course on chords that was straight to the point. Since they Loved Music Theory in a Day, we decided to delve deeper into chords.

Using this course will give you access to creating powerful chords which move moods and etch a space for you in the industry. We all don’t want to sound like the next guy.

We all know celebrities have their tricks to creating unique chord progressions. This is your opportunity to learn how to create your own.

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