Cakewalk Advanced Hacks Course Master The Daw Now! [TUTORIAL]

By | January 11, 2023

 Cakewalk Advanced Hacks Course Master The Daw Now! [TUTORIAL]

Cakewalk Advanced Hacks Course Master The Daw Now! [TUTORIAL]

Go from intermediate to advance with these tips. Finish Projects 50% faster. Easily Produce, Manage, Mix and Export.

What you’ll learn:

  • Advanced Ways To Manage Tracks in Cakewalk
  • Secrets To Using Tools Effectively
  • Mixing Workflow and Hacks
  • Exporting Tips and Tricks
  • And Much More…

Basic Understanding On How to Use Cakewalk

Progressing with a newly learned skill can be daunting. Sometimes, we become so complacent with what we know, we forget that learning is a constant process. When it comes to skills like learning a DAW, it can be very intimidating to read 1000+ page manuals to find what we need. So, we tend to stick with what we know even though we might know that there are better ways of doing things. How about me giving you a shortcut?Hi, my name is Vishal. In this course, I will teach you advanced ways of using Cakewalk, that can help you finish projects up to 50% faster! Awesome, isn’t it?This course is a series of short, easy-to-follow, non-technical sections, especially made for those who have just basic/essential skills.Benefits of taking this course:1. All Important/ Hidden Features of CwB, and my secrets, explained! 2. Jargon-free language, catering to the needs of near beginners.3. Question & Answer included.4. Step-by-step Walkthrough from an experienced Professional.5. Tips and tricks to save you time and effort.I’ll walk you through the entire process step by step. I have made sure to provide you with the information you need to start using these techniques.This course is perfect for you if you want to be faster with your work, and finish projects easily but don’t know where to get started.You can check out the free preview and I hope to see you there.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 How this Course is Laid Out

Section 2: You’ve Been Using Tools Wrong

  • Lecture 3 The Orthodox Way
  • Lecture 4 The Basics of My Technique
  • Lecture 5 The Advance Way To Use Tools
  • Lecture 6 This Shortcut Will Save You Tons of Time

Section 3: Managing Tracks

  • Lecture 7 Save Time Making Tracks With This Hack
  • Lecture 8 Declutter Your Workspace With This Feature
  • Lecture 9 Arrange The Tracks in Your Workspace
  • Lecture 10 Prepare For Mixing
  • Lecture 11 Control How Your Tracks Look

Section 4: Advanced Mixing Tips

  • Lecture 12 A Simple but Important Concept
  • Lecture 13 Save Time When Mixing Using This Trick
  • Lecture 14 Tame Your 808s With This Trick
  • Lecture 15 Listen When Mixing, but More Effectively
  • Lecture 16 Gain Stage Faster With This Tip

Section 5: Keep Your Computer Lightning Fast

  • Lecture 17 Keep Your Computer Lightning Fast

Section 6: Exporting Hacks

  • Lecture 18 Export Your Tracks Like This (Pro Tip!)

Section 7: Conclusion

  • Lecture 19 Conclusion

Cakewalk users at an Intermediate Level

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