Capsun ProAudio Motor City Soul Vintage Hip-Hop Cuts WAV

By | January 14, 2023

Capsun ProAudio Motor City Soul Vintage Hip-Hop Cuts WAV

Capsun ProAudio Motor City Soul Vintage Hip-Hop Cuts WAV

Motor City Soul: Vintage Hip-Hop Cuts is the third installment of our Motor City Soul series. This time we focused on the melodic sauce and have delivered a pack overflowing with golden nuggets and resampled vintage cuts, reminiscent of the classic boom bap sound inspired by Detroit jazz records. This is a digital crate digger’s dream. Authentic jazz and soul compositions and golden era melodics are all here alongside ensemble cuts, trumpet, guitar, and piano loops oozing with inspiration and invoking the classic sounds chosen by the originators of sample-based hip-hop.

Created in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics, we recorded live vintage pianos, soulful guitars, and trumpet lines. These melodic stacks were polished, mixed, and mastered, and then resampled and re-imagined creating a complementary collection. We used vintage instruments with vibe and character and worked with talented musicians to compose and perfect instrumentation reminiscent of the ’70s themes and motifs that early crate diggers were drawn to. Classic microphone and mixing techniques were employed along with modern crisp engineering.

The resampled compositions combine the sonics of rare vinyl with modern lofi sound design techniques including pitch and time, downsampling, reversing, saturation, and more. Every loop has been meticulously key-tagged and tempo-synced. Designed to perfectly inspire and compliment hip-hop, rap, trap, lofi hip-hop, and soulful beats.

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