Cherry Audio Mercury-6 v1.0.5.84 [WIN]

By | March 11, 2023

Cherry Audio Mercury-6

Cherry Audio Mercury-6 v1.0.5.84 [WIN]

The Sleeper Has Awakened
Mercury-6 is a meticulous recreation of the Jupiter-6 analog synthesizer, just in time for its 40th anniversary! Sandwiched between the earlier Jupiter-4 and Jupiter-8 models in name only, the sophisticated Jupiter-6 has sometimes been considered a sleeper release. These days, it has persevered to become one of Roland’s most notable and coveted classic synthesizers due to its distinctive dark and complex character. Mercury-6 captures all that is exceptional in this treasured polyphonic classic, boosts its extraordinary feature set for today’s DAW production and workflow, and celebrates the ground-breaking innovation from the era that changed music forever.

If you’ve long yearned to explore the Jupiter-6, you’ll love Mercury-6!

Mercury-6 Features

Highly optimized, massive dual-layer voicing architecture with 16 polyphonic voices per layer. Keyboard split or stacked layer modes allow two simultaneously playable layers, with separate per-layer controls for all parameters, including effects

Two VCOs per voice with combined waveform capabilities: triangle, ramp sawtooth, noise, and square or variable pulse

Multimode filter with a 24 dB/oct lowpass, 24 dB/oct highpass, or 12 dB/oct bandpass modes

Accurate reproduction of the original’s advanced VCO-2 to VCO-1 FM cross-modulation for searing tones

Precisely implemented portamento and glissando modes

Exactingly replicated arpeggio section with MIDI tempo sync, the hidden Down/Up mode of the original, and the addition of a Random mode

Powerful solo and polyphonic unison modes for fat, stacked sounds

Two tempo-syncable LFOs with extended retrigger functionality

Per-layer drift control for oscillators and filter frequencies for authentic analog character

Single-key chord memory mode

Over 500 presets, created by a talented team of sound design veterans, easily accessible in a convenient preset browser

Panel Control for selecting layer controls, including extensive utility functions for duplicating and exchanging synthesis and effects parameters between layers and presets.

Studio-quality integrated effects: distortion, 4/8/12 stage phaser, flanger/chorus, three types of delay with sync, and four types of reverb, with easy-to-access global or layer settings

Complete MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls, with easy-to-use MIDI learn and mapping (Preset and Global)

Cherry Audio’s popular Focus zoom-in feature, as well as standard UI zoom and resize via drag

Complete documentation available directly online from the instrument or in downloadable PDF format

Highly optimized coding for optimal performance with ultra-low CPU load, and multithreaded processing for presets using Split and Layer modes

User-adjustable oversampling control

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