Clark Samples Handpan Melodies & Chords WAV

By | March 2, 2022

Clark Samples Handpan Melodies & Chords WAV

Clark Samples Handpan Melodies & Chords WAV

The Handpan instrument is apart of the steel drum family. It’s known for its soothing tones. It is most commonly used for calming and meditation music. However, many genres have experimented with the instrument. As a result, the Handpan has been used for top melodies and even chord progressions in Hip Hop music, Lo-fi beats and even electronic music. This pack is full of both dry and wet Handpan melodies & chords designed to fit into any genre. These loops can be a huge asset to your sample collection if you’re looking to incorporate new sounds and tones into your projects.

34 Sounds

Clark Samples is a diverse sample label dedicated to distributing authentic royalty-free sounds and samples. Clark Samples provides premium sample libraries that cover a multitude of trending genres including EDM, Synthwave & Hip Hop.


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