CREATE.Digital Music Stratospheric WAV

By | January 31, 2022

CREATE.Digital Music Stratospheric WAV

CREATE.Digital Music Stratospheric WAV

The DNA of Blues thrives in Stratospheric. This sound pack contains custom 12 bar loops created by guitarist, singer/songwriter, and audio engineer, Peter Sullivan. Recorded using a custom guitar cabinet with a Fender inspired amp and a Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired Stratocaster. Stratospheric provides elite musicianship and creative inspiration while maintaining the respect that the Blues origins deserve. Brought to you by CREATE.Digital Music.

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CREATE.Digital Music is a global digital content and data distribution company that provides quality content owners and creators with seamless access to consumers through top-tier digital content retailers and platforms. Areas of expertise include content development, creative direction, A&R, brand strategy, and content support. Our collaboration with Native Instruments Sounds delivers dynamic, creative, and high-quality soundscapes driven by elite creators, production houses, and recording studios.


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