Cymatics Helix Start to Finish Production Course TUTORIAL

By | October 8, 2022

Cymatics Helix Start to Finish Production Course TUTORIAL

Cymatics Helix Start to Finish Production Course TUTORIAL

We’ve included a 16 part complete Start to Finish Production Course with Helix that shows you the exact secrets behind our song creation process.

To make this course truly invaluable, we took every effective tactic we use to make our amazing tracks AND FILMED EACH STEP FOR YOU.

Honestly, there’s no way you (or anyone) can learn ALL this stuff from a few blogs or short Youtube videos.

You need FULL BREAKDOWNS of each element of production.

You need to be able to see professional producers take you through the song creation process saying, “OK, here’s how you do this”

That’s why we’ve included ALL of this in your Helix Start to Finish Production Course:

1. Introduction Videos: Learn How to Build the Framework of a Song.
This is what most people would characterize as the ‘frame’ of a song. But don’t confuse this section with ‘basic’ information. You’ll learn tons of tiny little tricks, hacks, and thought processes we use to create the foundation of our songs.

2. The Build Up Tutorials: Detailed Steps on How to Make Powerful Build Ups From Scratch.
This is going to take the basic foundation we built in the intro section to the next level by helping you create an epic build up.

3. Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create and Perfect the Most Crucial Part of Your Song, the Drop.
This is going to be everyone’s favorite section, because we’ve broken down all the steps and advanced techniques we use to create huge drops. If you’ve ever struggled with creating drops that really get people hooked on your music, then I know this section is going to be priceless.

4. Mixing, Mastering, and Song Arrangement: The Final Touches on Your Track!

I think we all know how important mixing, mastering, and song arrangement can be when it comes to making quality tracks.

Some benefits of watching this section will include: learning how to arrange songs properly, how to have higher quality mix and the final touch; how to master your song.

Key Points:

  • Programming energetic drums
  • Using drum loops effectively
  • Filling space and adding energy with crashes
  • Creating fill drums
  • Adding variation
  • EQing and processing drums

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