Cymatics LEGENDS Premium Synth Collection

By | July 18, 2020

Cymatics LEGENDS Premium Synth Collection

Nothing else captures the feeling and emotion of timeless music like a classic synthesizer.

That’s why we’ve invested months into hunting down some of the most iconic synthesizers of the past 40 years!

We ended up spending $150,000 and built a vast synth collection unlike any other.

Which is why LEGENDS will contain samples from iconic synths like the Prophet 5, Moog Model D, Wavestation, and Jupiter 8 just to name a few.

And considering just how difficult it is to get access to these legendary instruments…

Preview The Power Of “LEGENDS”:

All of these loops were made using one shots from LEGENDS

BONUS #1 PARADOX: Melody Collection

This melody collection is completely unique compared to any other melodies we’ve ever put together.
Every single loop in this collection was hand crafted through all of these iconic synthesizers, leaving no single sample sounding even close to similar.
We ended up creating 100 melody loops unlike any other sample pack ever created.

BONUS #2 ENIGMA: MIDI Collection

We all find ourselves in a creative rut sometimes when trying to build original melodic ideas — especially when it comes to finding that perfect melody to set the vibe of your track.
This collection of high end MIDI compositions make for the ultimate melody design toolkit, with tons of different options to choose from when trying to build your ideas.
Best of all, these pair perfectly with the one shots in the LEGENDS pack… turning a single one shot into a full melodic idea in no time.

BONUS #3 Analog Classics: For Serum

This is a unique collection of analog style presets for Serum.
Our sound designers spent extra time crafting these analog synth presets to mimic sounds from our iconic synth collection.
This pack is perfect for producers who want the option of using retro analog type sounds in Serum.

BONUS #4 Destiny: DAW Toolkit

To make things even better, our production team put together the ultimate processing toolkit for your DAW.
This will include tons of presets for different stock plugins that will allow you to take the sounds in LEGENDS to another level!
These will include plugin presets for Ableton, Fl Studio, and Logic.


Demo Preview:

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