Digital DJ Tips James Hype’s Club Banger Method TUTORIAL

By | October 20, 2022

Digital DJ Tips James Hype's Club Banger Method TUTORIAL

Digital DJ Tips James Hype’s Club Banger Method TUTORIAL

Watch this video to discover how to make massive club tracks, with one of the hottest house music producers in the world today

“I didn’t always find it so easy to write club bangers. In fact, I used to find it just as hard to come up with good ideas and finish the tracks as you probably do now. But over the years I’ve perfected a method that makes it easy to write and finish huge club records, good enough to sign to labels, release on Beatport, stream on Spotify, and play to the biggest crowds. I’m excited to teach you everything I’ve learned, in this course.”
James Hype

• The best way to write huge club tracks, today – I’ve scored huge club hits over and over again, and I call it “doing less, really well”. You’ll come with me into my studio as we create a future hit together from scratch, going from nothing to a finished, signed track!

• My unique six-step songwriting method – Many producers struggle to turn a good idea into a finished track, but my six-step method changes all of that. This is a new, fast, revolutionary approach to writing club bangers, that simply works better

• How I create huge drops and catchy hooks – You’ll learn THREE ways to quickly come up with superior hooks and how to turn them into massive drops for your tracks, using both vocals and synths

• The EXACT “mastering chain” I use – This is worth the price of the course alone. I have never revealed this to anyone, but here I show you the exact plugins I use, the order, the settings… everything about my “secret sauce” for making tracks as good as mine

• How I use sample libraries to get started, fast – Nowadays there’s no need to record vocalists, design synth patches, or even programme your drums – it often takes too long. Instead, I’ll show you how to use libraries like Splice, but in creative and original ways so no-one knows your secret!

• How to keep momentum when producing – I’ll show you how to overcome procrastination by producing a initial, playable version of your tune really quickly – the best way to figure out where you need to put the rest of your effort in to finish fast, every time

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