Digital DJ Tips James Hype’s Mixing Skills TUTORIAL

By | May 15, 2022

Digital DJ Tips James Hype's Mixing Skills TUTORIAL

Digital DJ Tips James Hype’s Mixing Skills TUTORIAL

James Hype’s Mixing Skills is a video course, taken completely online. Its 48 video lessons and 53 follow-along annotated demo videos are accessible via any web browser, so you can follow any time, anywhere, on phone, tablet or laptop.

The material is organised carefully into modules, and your learning is self-paced – buy it now and enjoy it this week, this month, next year – it’s completely up to you.


  1. •How I set up my gear, and the functions that really matter to me – It’s crucial to have your gear set up the right way if you want to DJ like I do. Once I show you the features and functions that really matter, and how I use them, you’ll immediately begin to understand how I DJ. Soon you’ll be using YOUR gear in new, exciting ways too
  2. •The secrets behind all of my best-known transitions – I’ll show you EXACTLY how to perform my best-known tricks, including never-before revealed breakdowns of signature routines such as my famous Daft Punk “One More Time” vs FISHER “Losing It” (over 2m views on YouTube) and many more
  3. •The individual skills you need to move your DJing to the next level – How to master loops, hot cues, keymixing, quantize, filters, spinbacks, pitch & tempo, “fader dexterity” and other features and functions of your gear, to move WAY beyond beatmixing
  4. •How to create incredible, mind-blowing build-ups – Learn how to use every feature of your gear to make your crowds “scream for the drop”. Learn how to push your gear to the limits, using wild pitch changes, crazy crossfader action, even your start/stop buttons, to add tension and excitement… before finally letting them have it when YOU choose to!
  5. •The way I build my exciting live mashups and remixes – Just like in gaming, it’s the killer “combos” that move you away from the rest, and put the real power in your hands. I’ll show you how to combine the individual tricks and skills that I teach you, so you can easily create live mashups and remixes of your own, that blow your crowds away
  6. •The easy way to DJ using four decks – Most modern DJ systems have four decks, but few DJs use them all. I’ll show and teach you my “four deck system”, explaining how I use the “extra” decks (if you want to play exciting, dynamic sets, you NEED to start doing this)
  7. •The unique ways I use acapellas in my sets – I’m famous for my creative use of acapellas – for me they are the “glue” that holds together my transitions. From start to end I’ll reveal to you how I find, prepare and incorporate acapellas in my sets, including my method for making “problem acapellas” work. Soon you’ll be able to use your favourite acapellas exactly how I use mine
  8. •How to use effects to add excitement to your DJing – Whether it’s using echo to make things sound epic, or using the “noise” effect to build tension, you’ll learn exactly where, why and how to incorporate effects
  9. •My “track elements” approach to DJing – I do not see songs as “complete things” when it comes to DJing. Instead, I approach them as containing “elements”, which I can pick and choose from to create my sets. I’ll teach you this method, which is a big break from how some DJs play, but is key to my style of DJing
  10. •How to perform like me on any DJ controller – The way I perform does NOT need four pro decks and a pro mixer. I’ll show you how to use any controller to get results like mine, even the smallest controllers, with tricks and workarounds for when you don’t have access to the same features. DO NOT let your gear hold you back!

Across its nine modules, 48 core lessons and 53 demos, James Hype’s Mixing Skills is a unique, complete insight into how James DJs, to help you play the same way, and to inspire you to develop your own style. It is unprecedented in the insight it gives into the methods of one of the world’s fastest-rising DJs.

Inside The Course – Module Breakdown

  • Module 1
    In this module, you’ll meet James and learn about his journey to where he is today. What decisions did he make that helped him climb from under 18s party promoter to international DJ and producer, and one of the most respected technical DJs in the world? And what rules does he live by to stay at the top? It’s all here…
  • Module 2
    You can’t just jump in and learn a few tricks and expect to be able to DJ in the way James does. There is a lot of preparation that goes into being able to step up to the decks and deliver the kind of energetic, fast DJ sets he performs – so in this module, you’ll learn how to set yourself up to be able to DJ in this way.
  • Module 3
    In this module, you’ll work on some of the important basic building block of James’s style – things like crossfader, the echo effect, basic use of acapellas, adding DJ drops, and using the faders to cut elements in and out of the mix. By the end of it you’ll be well on your way to incorporating some James Hype-style techniques in your sets.
  • Module 4
    This module builds on the skills from the previous module. By the end of it, you’ll have learned the iconic “Hype Loops” move – the way James grabs a sound, twists and manipulates it, and then uses it to build tension and excitement in his build-ups before the drop.
  • Module 5
    It’s time to start bringing some of your new skills together as we begin to work on “combos” – combinations of techniques that together make up complete transitions. These are moves that you can apply to your own DJ sets immediately, exactly as they are, or adapt to use with your own music.
  • Module 6
    Now you’ll start ramping up the skills, as you build on the full transitions taught in the previous module with some more complex arrangements and combinations. You’ll be starting to use extra decks more frequently by now, and moving more into restructuring and mashup territory…
  • Module 7
    In this module, James teaches three of those world-famous routines. He even adds in at the end some special training on his latest “forearm” DJing technique! You’ll learn that these are perfectly achievable, having followed the training this far. Those routines you didn’t even understand at the start of the course are now within your reach!
  • Module 8
    Here, James demonstrate some of the skills taught in the course, but this time using small and medium-sized DJ controllers. Seeing it done is the best way to be convinced, so get ready to be amazed at what’s possible on ANY gear. There are routines in here that are new, too – so follow this even if you own CDJs…
  • Module 9
    To end your course, James shares with you ways that you can improve your DJing journey in three big areas: gigs, social media, and livestreams. After all, if you are going to give your DJ skills a considerable shot in the arm by learning all of this world-class stuff, it would be a shame to not, well, show it off to the world!

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