Drum Programming 101 Create Today’s Drum Patterns ANY DAW [TUTORIAL & Sample Pack]

By | December 21, 2022

Drum Programming 101 Create Today's Drum Patterns ANY DAW TUTORIAL

Drum Programming 101 Create Today’s Drum Patterns ANY DAW [TUTORIAL & Sample Pack]

Make better beats in 2017?
Create drum patterns and loops like a pro?
Develop your own unique drum patterns and sound?

Then enroll in this course!

The content was created with the beginner to intermediate level producer or beat maker in mind. So everything is easy to understand and simple to apply to your beat making process!

The first section covers Drum Programming Theory. After completion you will understand:

Note Lengths – which will help you create more sophisticated drum patterns and loops
Quantization – which will help keep your patterns on beat
Counting and Time – which will help you better understand how to make more complex drum patterns
Triplets – which is the foundation to developing the crazy high hat, snare, and kick drum combos you hear on the radio!

In the next section you will learn step by step how to “Create Today’s Drum Patterns”

After completion you will understand:

  • A drum programming formula that you can use to develop your own sound
  • Several drum creation techniques top producers are using to gain the attention of artists, music supervisors, and other creatives in the industry
  • And several other tips and tricks to make dynamic drum patterns and loops

And the last section is specifically designed to help you learn from several “real life examples” on creating banging beats! Also as an added bonus you can download my “custom drum pack” full of over 100+

  • Unique drum samples
  • Solid kicks, snare, claps, and high hats
  • Original drum loops
  • All royalty free and all free to use for enrolling in this course!

So waste no more time watching tutorials that may or may not be accurate or relevant to your needs… Save yourself the frustration and trouble learning how to improve your beats on your own.. And gain the competitive edge you need to separate yourself from all the other emerging producers and beat makers online.

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