Duende Sounds Evince WAV

By | August 8, 2020

Duende Sounds Evince WAV

Duende Sounds Evince WAV
2.05 GB

In Duende Sounds we believe in value over quantity. That doesn’t mean we will only create a few sound effects and rest. Instead, we are taking our time shaping the highest quality sound effects and music for filmmakers and keep adding them to our products as we make them.

As “Evince” grows, the price goes up as it brings more value and more time was spent on creating it. With our FREE lifetime updates, you are guaranteed an always growing library of premium music and sounds for your videos.

Evince is a first of its kind sound and music tool for filmmakers. It allows a video editor to easily create a custom soundtrack with our bespoke ALL match ALL technique. Melodies that are provided in composition packs can be seamlessly looped and used with all other SFXs that are included.

What is included?

Over 300 high-end cinematic sound effects (wav 48kHz 24bit file format)
Over 90 loop-able composition parts
Pre-arranged stems
12 full cinematic royalty-free tracks
5.22Gb of sound files (after unzipping)


Demo Preview:

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