Element Zero Expansion For Ascension

By | August 29, 2019

Element Zero Expansion For Ascension

Element Zero Expansion For Ascension
Size 12.6 Mb

Just when you thought you couldn’t ask for anything more from the Ascension MIDI workstation, ZSC delivers Element Zero For Ascension. Made by pros who have had countless hours discovering the ins and outs of Ascension. These presets will blow your mind as you will soon find, there is more to Ascension than meets the eye. ZSC lays down the foundation of sounds such as amazing arpeggios, brilliant bass, luscious leads, perfect pads, and even some serious sequences.

How to fine-tune and customize it is all up to you. Whether you are making future bass, psytrance, retro wave, hard trance, chillstep, church music, house music, industrial music, or even composing a full orchestral piece, these presets are designed to make Ascension the perfect MIDI workstation able to handle anything you demand from it.

Presets are a great way to find out exactly what a plugin is capable of and fast. You then have the option to make any adjustments and save your own custom presets. So what are you waiting for? Pick up this preset pack Element Zero For Ascension by ZSC and unlock the power of what Ascension can do for you and the impact it can have on your audio.

This pack was created by ZSC and is specifically for use with the Ascension MIDI Workstation by Cubic Audio in partnership with W. A. Production.

Element Zero expansion contains:

5 Arp Presets
12 Bass Presets
1 Guitar Presets
6 Keys Presets
14 Lead Presets
11 Pad Presets
4 Pluck Presets
5 Sequence Presets
3 String Presets
11 Synth Presets
75 Ascension Presets in Total


Demo Preview:

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