Epic Stock Media BRAAAM Strike WAV

By | September 27, 2022

Epic Stock Media BRAAAM Strike WAV

Epic Stock Media BRAAAM Strike WAV

BRAAAM Strike is a sonic selection of career defining audio elements that set your production apart and deliver them into the rarefied sounds of the Hollywood elite. BRAAAM Strike showcases the most sought after movie trailer sound effect, “the menacing cinematic synth horn impact,” Today it’s known as BRAAAM. These sounds have been described as anything from a fog horn sound, bass drone, a massive blast of indistinguishable brass, an alphorn next to an amplifier, one single stomach rumbling tone and most recognizably, “The Inception Sound.”

This is just to name a few of the descriptive monikers the sound has taken on. New Yorker magazine even took a shot and described it this way; “…that low and loud synthesized hum—ominous and brain-addling.”

Within you’ll find 100 unprecedented ultra high quality 96k 24bit .WAV files to add to your personal arsenal of sound. This signature making selection of original BRAAAM sounds is all new and premium quality recordings.

Whatever you call it, however you use it, in whatever creative audio context, BRAAAM that’s cool! BRAAAM Strike – Now the power is within.

Editors note: If you are not familiar with the likes of BRAAAM and want to learn more, check out our blog; A Brief History of BRAAAM for an earful, including a listen to the most recognized BRAAAM sound of all.

Created by award winning composer and sound designer, David Levy, BRAAAM Strike is designed to bring dramatic dynamics that raise your productions to new levels, BRAAAM Strike’s signature set of BRAAAMs add exclusive flavors to your audio projects. Used by today’s top tier composers and cinematic sound designers, this well perfected synth horn impacts library adds 100 unprecedented ultra high quality 96k 24bit .WAV files to your personal sound bank. Save time, and gain valuable, head turning sounds that beckon a new level for your cinematic music and blockbuster trailer productions.

Product Details:

  • 100 files
  • 453.3 MB
  • 12 minutes of audio
  • All in .WAV 44.1k 16bit and 96k 24bit
  • Film and Game Trailer Sound Library
  • Includes Massive Synth Horn Impacts

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