Euphoric Wave Substructure Hardstyle Kicks Vol.2 [MULTIFORMAT]

By | December 20, 2022

Euphoric Wave Substructure Hardstyle Kicks Vol.2

Euphoric Wave Substructure Hardstyle Kicks Vol.2 [MULTIFORMAT]

Euphoric Wave Substructure Kicks is back and even bigger! Volume 2 of this kick pack contains almost double the amount of kicks as volume 1 (792 files in total!). Not only does this pack contain Climax Kicks, Mid Intro Kicks, Psy Kicks, and Punches, But also Rawstyle Kicks and key labeled Tails, allowing you to form your own kicks and create something fresh.

750+ hardstyle kick samples
Creating kicks is one of the hardest parts in hardstyle production. This pack contains drag & drop hardstyle kicks, but also an insane amount of samples to create your own kicks with. With 792 files, this pack will be the biggest upgrade of your sample arsenal so far!

Go stronger with rawstyle
We have expanded the pack to suit more hard dance genres better. Make use of the 52 included Rawstyle kicks to add that extra grittiness to your drops.

Create your own kicks
We realize that producers like the freedom to experiment with samples to create their own signature sounds. That’s why there are over 120 tails and 80 punches in this pack, allowing you to fully create your own kicks. Are you still struggling with the kick-creation process? Just pick one of the pre-built kicks out of the library.

10 kick templates included
In this pack are 10 kick templates included to get you started on your own kicks.
Available for FL Studio 20 & Logic Pro X.

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