Field & Foley Essential SFX Vol. 3 WAV

By | June 13, 2022

Field & Foley Essential SFX Vol. 3 WAV

Field & Foley Essential SFX Vol. 3 WAV

Essential SFX Vol. 3 by Charles van Kirk picks up on the heels of both Essential SFX Volumes 1 and 2, crafting both foley and ambience effects from a variety of environments and sources. Experience air travel every step of the way; from waiting at your gate, buckling up for take-off, enjoying a mid-flight beverage and landing at your destination. Take a stroll on the beach, feel the sea-shells crackle beneath your feet. Sit back on the porch of your country home, taking in the peaceful sounds of the environment around you…or maybe it’s chore day; time to bundle up the recycling, vacuum the house, do some laundry….

Placing the listener right where you need them, whether it’s film or musical productions, this pack will provide the unique sonic landscape for creating an immersive audio experience.

188 one shots

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