Fors Chiral v1.1 Ableton Max for Live

By | February 18, 2022

Fors Chiral v1.1 Ableton Max for Live

Fors Chiral v1.1 Ableton Max for Live

Chiral is an MPE-enabled Max for Live device inspired by the culture and methodology pioneered by early electronic performance instruments.

Through atypical methods of sound-shaping and a vast routing matrix, Chiral embodies a similar unconforming, exploratory attitude and is built to encourage the same in you. At each point along the path, Chiral’s parameters have been tuned to bend beyond & navigate outside of typical synthesis boundaries.


  •  Phaseshaping Oscillator
  •  Amplitude Modulator
  •  ADSR Envelope
  •  Variable Slope Generator
  •  Contouring Tone Filter
  •  Celestial Space Reverb
  •  Crunchy Dirt Saturator

Up to 16 voice polyphony with MPE compatibility,
a vast Modulation Matrix,
Single Cycle Waveform export,
& a CPU-friendly demeanor.

The core of Chiral operates through the unconventional contortion of a sine wave, known as phaseshaping. Through the built-in three-dimensional oscilloscope, the twisting of your waveform is displayed holographically, reminiscent of a Moebius strip.

MPE Dextrous
Chiral is fully engineered to take advantage of all the expressive and performative possibilities opened up by MPE integration in Ableton 11.

Chiral’s integrated AM section provides a spectrum of modulation from gentle, slow drifting to overlapping, inharmonic tonality. Combined with the harmonic saturation of the Dirt parameter, Chiral can be deeply animated internally from subtle coloration to total destruction.

Chiral’s matrix makes available vast constellations of modulation, and thanks to MPE, full access to this multi-dimensional control is just waiting for fingertips.

Space, Chiral’s dedicated reverb section, can quickly launch your sound from this galaxy into the next through the creation of massive, unearthly resonances.


  • 64 Presets, 3 Live Sets, 1 Max Devices
  • Requirements: Live 11 Standard (version 11.1 or higher) – Max for Live


Demo Preview:

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