Fracture Sounds Frozen Percussion – Crotales KONTAKT

By | October 25, 2020

Fracture Sounds Frozen Percussion - Crotales KONTAKT

Fracture Sounds Frozen Percussion – Crotales KONTAKT

Frozen Percussion is our new series of deep sampled percussion instruments performed in unconventional ways to create infinite sustains, frozen in time. Frozen Crotales is our first instalment, a set of tuned orchestral crotales (also known as antique cymbals), performed with a cello bow.

As usual, the instrument was programmed with ease of use in mind. Simply move the mod wheel while playing to smoothly morph between different dynamic levels.

While the instrument may look simple on the surface, there is an advanced performance script behind-the-scenes, which allows for very responsive and expressive playing. When bowing a metallic instrument such as crotales, changes in dynamics are often quite slow since the instrument takes time to vibrate and resonate. Our performance engine replicates this characteristic by smoothly interpolating between dynamics. Additionally, when a note is played, the engine will gradually ramp up to the target dynamic. This is more realistic than a traditional ADSR attack, because it is morphing between real dynamic layers – not simply fading in the volume.

Also included is the Frost Layer, another of our signature ‘atmosphere layers’. Designed specifically for this instrument, the Frost Layer adds a glistening texture to the raw crotales. The volume and octave shift of the Frost Layer can be adjusted to your taste. The mod wheel also influences the intensity of the Frost Layer.

Extended Tuning & Technical Information

The natural tuning of the crotales is very high (C5 to C7 – the top two octaves of a piano), however this library responds very well to down-tuning, as the instrument was recorded at 96KHz. The samples contain harmonic content far beyond the range of human hearing, and this increased sample rate means the highest harmonics are preserved and the sonic clarity is retained when tuning down the instrument. Try experimenting with the tune knob in Kontakt, or use the included ‘Extended Range’ patch.


  • Deep sampled bowed crotales, with infinite sustains.
  • Multiple dynamic layers, controlled by our advanced performance engine for realistic expression control.
  • ‘Drift’ control for extra dynamic motion.
  • ‘Frost’ layer for added texture.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • 580MB download size (NCW compressed from a ~770MB sample pool).
  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or above.

Please note: This product requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or above. It will NOT work in the free Kontakt Player.


Demo Preview:

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