Futurephonic FOUNDATIONS by Scorb & Virtual Light WAV

By | June 11, 2022

Futurephonic - FOUNDATIONS by Scorb & Virtual Light WAV

Futurephonic – FOUNDATIONS by Scorb & Virtual Light WAV

Full-on Kicks | Bass Kits | Snares & Claps | Hi Hats | Crashes & Rides | Percussion

All the elements in one place.

After years of filming Masterclasses with the best artists in the Psytrance scene, we’ve learned a few things. Workflow, mix techniques – all covered. Here’s one thing they all agree on:

It begins with the source material.

Ever seen one of those Hollywood mixing videos where the engineer just slams the faders up, does some EQ and compression and it all just seems to come together? That’s good source material in play. When you’ve got strong foundations, things just come together – hours and days of frustrated ‘fixing’ just isn’t necessary.

It leaves you free to… make music.

Your new home base.

This is the source material. From a bespoke collection of Full-On Psytrance kicks, through an army of deadly bass kits, a selection of precision snares and claps and an avalanche of Psy-specific percussion elements, Foundations is the library you’re going to be working from time and time again.

Every last hit has been processed to fit in Full-on Psytrance – if you’re coming from another genre, we can’t make any promises.

Created by Ady Scorb and Vince Virtual Light, Foundations is the result of two veteran producers and months in the lab. Each sample was drawn up, processed and sharpened to perfection, then slotted into their tracks. After road-testing around the world, final tweaks were made and a final selection drawn up before being mastered at TRK Mastering studio.

Whether you are a seasoned producer or just beginning your Psytrance quest, Foundations will be a staple in your samples folder.

Sounds great, what do I get inside?

A world-class selection of professionally-crafted Psytrance samples

  • 52 Full-On Kicks plus a bonus FX Kicks folder
  • 10 Precision Bass Kits – 2 octave spread each
  • 52 Psytrance-specific Snares and Claps
  • 18 Closed Hi-Hats
  • 16 Crashes
  • 25 Open Hi-Hats
  • 20 Extras – Rides, Shakers and Tambourines
  • Processed for drop-and-go use
  • Mastered at TRK Mastering studio
  • Fully processed and track-tested

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Demo Preview:

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