Futurephonic Future Psychedelic: Secrets of Sound Design TUTORIAL

By | February 17, 2020

Futurephonic Future Psychedelic: Secrets of Sound Design TUTORIAL

Futurephonic Future Psychedelic: Secrets of Sound Design TUTORIAL
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Future Psychedelic: Secrets of Sound Design
So you’ve been stabbing away at Sylenth for years and you’re getting there. Your music is starting to come alive, but it’s missing that professional edge.
Maybe you’ve got a head full of sounds that would blow people’s minds if you could just get them on the page. To bring them to life.

We think the world deserves to hear those sounds.

Or maybe you picked up one of our famous sample packs or soundsets and thought –

How the hell can I make stuff like that?

Welcome to Future Psychedelic: Secrets of Sound Design. Your teacher? None other than our very own Alex Story, whose samples and presets changed the playing field in the Psytrance game.

Now the power is being handed to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Creative process. False starts, blank screens and self-doubt are something that Alex had to overcome to become a successful sound designer, catering to the Psytrance scene’s demanding standards. From the psychological to the motivational, let’s push through that.
  • Elevate your synth skills. Sound banks Infinite Structures and Echotronics changed the game with their ultimate Psychedelic macros and superior, polished delivery. Now it’s your turn to learn from the master. Focusing mostly on Xfer Serum and Sylenth1, Alex shows you how to set up his classic sounds and macros from scratch.
  • Get inside the sample packs. Yep, Alex takes you inside the original Cubase projects for many of his samples, and shows you how and why they work, from synth setup, through the MIDI and the processing. Through unpacking the sounds, you’ll get a unique look at the layering that makes these famous samples come alive.
  • Expand your tool kit. Have you ever tried CC0 automation on Sylenth1? That’s a cheeky one. What about dropping the harmonic minor note to get that dark, mysterious feeling to your melody?

From Alex’s epic Folding Filters technique to the ‘space fillers’, Future Psychedelic is so packed with inspirational tips, you’ll be struggling not to hit pause to go finish your track. Which is great, because Future Psychedelic is an instant digital download, which can also be streamed online, that you get to keep for life.

Maybe we’re a little crazy to give away all our secrets. Most companies keep the goods under lock and key. But hell, if the Psytrance scene is flooded with a new level of sound wizards, then we’ve done our job.

In the synth department, Future Psychedelic centres largely around Xfer Serum, so is aimed very much at Serum users.

Sounds great, what do I get?

✔️ Immersive, cinematic Full HD video experience
✔️ 9 chapters across 6h 25m running time
✔️ Instant access download and stream. Keep for life!
✔️ An exclusive folder of Alex’s presets
✔️ Get the gear: student discounts for Bom Shanka Machines and our Sample/Serum bundles
✔️ Personal, name-stamped PDF and Welcome Letter


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