Futurephonic Grid Elements by Tron Vol.2 WAV

By | May 23, 2022

Futurephonic Grid Elements by Tron Vol.2

Futurephonic Grid Elements by Tron Vol.2 WAV

Our Futurephonic lot tend to be pretty busy producers, so we know how it is.

You’re in the construction flow and you need some quick audio gold, to dip into the library for some pure psychedelic goodness to inject into the track.

Grid Elements V2 is an all-new toolkit of assembled grid sections that come in both fully polished loops and deconstructed formats. Whichever way you need your hits, you’ll find them inside.

Back by popular demand.

Welcome to the follow-up to Tron’s first Grid Elements, so popular with producers across the spectrum that we had to commission a second one. If you loved Tron’s cheeky, playfully psychedelic and coolly futuristic collection, you’re going to love this latest edition.

Tron did a deep-dive into spoken wavetable synthesis to infuse some extra sci-fi vibrance and impact amongst his signature blips, bleeps, wonky stabs and trippy echoes.

Sounds great, what do I get inside:

  • 10 all-new Pro-Assembled Psytrance Grid Sections
  • Wet and Dry versions of all Grids
  • Individual Loop Breakdowns of each Grid
  • Single hit one-shots for quick selection
  • All neatly arranged by key and BPM
  • Fully processed and track-tested

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