Groove3 AmpliTube Explained TUTORIAL

By | March 4, 2023

Groove3 AmpliTube Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 AmpliTube Explained TUTORIAL

What do you do when you need the sound of a dimed-out Marshall amp at 2 AM with a sleeping baby in the next room? Easy! You fire up AmpliTube, put on some headphones, and lay down some tracks! In this extensive video course, studio guru Gary Hiebner takes you on an exploratory journey through IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube, complete with plenty of audio demonstrations and pro tips along the way. You’ll learn all about setting up various types of rigs, including amp selection, effects (pedal and rack), routing options (such as stereo rigs and dual-amp setups), cabinet and microphone selection, room simulations, and more! If you haven’t worked with AmpliTube yet, you’ll likely be floored by not only the sound quality but also the flexibility and impressive features. Gary will be your guide in getting up and running quickly! These videos are for new AmpliTube users.

Gary begins by briefly discussing the plugin’s architecture and features so you’ll know what to expect in this tutorial. He then points out the differences between running it as a standalone app and using it within your DAW so you can gauge when to use either. Then you’ll learn how to set up your audio device correctly so that you can be certain you’re getting the best sound possible with the plugin. Gary also demonstrates how to use the included tuner and highlights some extra added features as well.

Next, explore the many amps included with AmpliTube, which are grouped in four different categories: Clean, Crunch, Hi Gain, and Bass. Each amp head is matched by the appropriate speaker cabinet by default, but you can swap amps and speaker cabinets at will, and Gary shows you all you need to know in this regard. Discover how to change the virtual mic(s) used on the cabinet, how to move their position, and even how to change the simulated room that houses the cabinet.

There’s plenty more to come as well, including impulse responses (how to add your own), stompboxes (many from which to choose), rack effects, dual-amp setups, parallel setups, presets, collections, ToneNet (share your presets with other users and try theirs, too), ToneX amps and pedals (model your own rig and use it within AmpliTube), mixer settings, the built-in eight-track recorder, the looper, live mode (used with the iRig Stomp I/O pedal board), MIDI control, and more! Finish it up by following along as Gary designs five presets from scratch: clean, crunch, lead solo, modern metal, and bass.

If you haven’t tried an amp sim in a while, you’re in for a rude awakening. The tones possible with AmpliTube are truly sensational, and this Amplitube video course will teach you exactly how to dial them in the way you want. See the individual AmpliTube video descriptions for more information on each tutorial and for a better idea of everything this plugin does. There’s no excuse anymore to settle for weak tone… watch “AmpliTube Explained®” today!

What You Will Learn:

  •  How to select between various amps, cabinets, effects, mics, and room simulations.
  •  How to set up various signal chains, including dual-amp setups, stereo rigs, and others.
  •  How to use the built-in recorder, looper, and tuner.
  •  How to model your own rigs and play them as presets within AmpliTube, share your presets with others, and try out presets from other users via ToneNet  and more!

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