Groove3 Arturia Augmented VOICES Explained TUTORIAL

By | December 16, 2022

Groove3 Arturia Augmented VOICES Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Arturia Augmented VOICES Explained TUTORIAL

If you’re looking for fresh, inspiring textures to feature on your recordings, Arturia’s Augmented VOICES will not disappoint. In this Arturia Augmented VOICES video tutorial, Groove3 instructor Tyler Coffin will teach you all about this exciting virtual instrument, demonstrating its capabilities and providing tips on sound design as well. Learn about every aspect of this plugin, including the sampler, synth engine, arpeggiator, effects, macros and more! These videos are for new Augmented VOICES users.

After introducing you to the course and walking you through the interface and basic operation, Tyler examines the Main and Advanced panels, getting you familiar with the instrument’s functional layout. Learn how the sampler allows you to create sounds in myriad ways, which can then be tweaked and finessed to perfection with various parameters. Then discover how, via the synth engines, you can layer additional sounds to create an entirely original composite instrument.

Explore the modulation possibilities next, including two LFOs, several envelopes (velocity, aftertouch, etc.), random functions, and more, all of which allow you to generate motion and dynamic changes over time in your sounds. The arpeggiator is covered after that, and Tyler demonstrates how to generate rhythmically-charged phrases that can add dynamic momentum to a track.

Other topics include effects (chorus, delay, reverb, distortion, etc.), macros (assigning several parameters to one knob for easy, intuitive tweaking), browser/preset management, and more! Tyler closes out the course with two videos dedicated to sound design examples: one geared toward more traditional examples and one focused on more experimental effects.

Whether you’re looking for realistic vocal textures or otherworldly special effects, Augmented VOICES has you covered. With this tutorial, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to quickly make either (and everything in between) a prominent feature in your future productions. The individual Arturia Augmented VOICES video descriptions will provide more information on tutorial contents and plugin features. Bold new sounds and textures await… watch “Arturia Augmented VOICES Explained┬«” today!

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