Groove3 AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained TUTORIAL

By | January 29, 2022

Groove3 AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained TUTORIAL

Studio pro Doug Zangar presents in-depth AVID Control video tutorials! Learn everything you need to know to use the free iOS AVID Control app to control your Pro Tools sessions, including mix and edit windows, transport controls, writing automation, toggling folders open and closed, keyboard shortcuts and more. These videos are designed for both new and intermediate AVID Control users.

Doug greets you and starts at the beginning with how to find the free iOS app on Apple’s App Store, and the free Eucon Control software download on AVID’s website, and how to install them correctly. Once that’s done, you’ll then get a detailed overview of the AVID Control interface, as well as how to customize its look and feel via its many settings.

Doug then goes through all the different available pages throughly, including the Mixer View, Tracks View, Channel View, Meters View, and Soft Keys, showing what they do and how to use them effectively in your Pro Tools sessions. Not stopping there, you’ll watch and see how to toggle folders open and closed in Mixer view, Tracks view, and with Soft Keys, as well as how to arm and record multiple tracks with AVID Control, and record volume, pan and send gain automation using AVID Control as the controller.

To see what these detailed AVID Control video tutorials show you, and how they’ll get you up and running and controlling your Pro Tools sessions fast, see the individual AVID Control tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover why AVID Control is the must-have iOS app for anyone using Pro Tools… Watch “AVID Control for Pro Tools Explained®” today.


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