Groove3 Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions TUTORIAL

By | March 17, 2022

Groove3 Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions TUTORIAL

Groove3 Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions TUTORIAL

Gary begins by welcoming you and goes over what you’ll be accomplishing in the video series, as well as plays you the cinematic production you’ll create together. He also goes over the software needed to produce this type of arrangement.

You’ll then jump right in, starting with creating string ostinatos, adding extra strings, horn melodies, brass parts, as well as how to create ambient drone patches to support and mystify the composition.

Crafting the piano motif is next, followed by how to use pulsing instruments to create tension and add pace to the arrangement. Gary then shows you how to add riser effects to build up to the big impact moment in the arrangement, for dramatic effect.

You’ll then continue on and see how to build up percussion parts, add woodwind flourishes, add a choir for a human element, what a Braam is and how make it more complex with strings and a choir, and how to bring back the piano theme at the end of the arrangement to tie it all together.

Concluding the series, Gary demonstrates how to mix it all with proper level setting, automation, EQ, compression and reverb, as well as how to export your creation as a stereo file and as individual stems to give to other audio and film professionals.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you have ever wondered what goes into creating an epic cinematic composition, or want to start composing your own, this is a great place to start. Begin your journey into this awesome production genre and watch “Creating Epic Cinematic Compositions” now!


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