Groove3 Hollywood Pop Brass Explained TUTORIAL

By | February 18, 2023

Groove3 Hollywood Pop Brass Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 Hollywood Pop Brass Explained TUTORIAL

Hollywood Pop Brass from EastWest brings authentic, realistic brass sounds to the masses like never before. In this course, virtual instrument guru Eli Krantzberg will show you everything you need to know to start incorporating Hollywood Pop Brass in your tracks quickly and easily. With succinct, informative explanations and telling musical examples and demonstrations, you’ll both see and hear the impressive potential of this plugin and gain a thorough command of its features and functions in the process. These videos are for new users of Hollywood Pop Brass.

Eli starts the course by familiarizing you with EastWest’s Opus software, which is used to load Hollywood Pop Brass, and previewing a few of the horn parts covered in this course. Learn about the naming conventions used in the sample library and how it describes the behavior of the various sounds with regard to MIDI commands.

Next, explore the Sustain instruments of Hollywood Pop Brass and follow along as Eli demonstrates how to add dynamics via velocity and mod wheel manipulation. You’ll also learn how the Short (staccato) instruments interact with tempo sync, which makes it easy to create rhythmic-based riffs. Of course, Eli covers the Legato instruments and how they react to overlapping note durations in monophonic phrases.

Other topics include Effects instruments (special ornamentations/articulations on note endings/beginnings), Mod Combos (instruments that switch articulations depending on modulation values), Phrases & Licks (pre-made riffs and phrases with customizable timing and voicings), Keyswitches (triggering different articulations via left-hand notes), managing instruments (editing amp envelopes, velocity sensitivity, etc.), and more!

Hollywood Pop Brass is an incredibly nuanced sample library with a large collection of features and controls for creating incredibly realistic brass parts, but all this power and flexibility can be a bit intimidating at first. After this course, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to start implementing the plugin into your workflow right away with incredible results.

Check out the Hollywood Pop Brass video tutorial descriptions for more information and other ideas for possible uses in your songs and productions. Get jazzed about your brass… watch “Hollywood Pop Brass Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

  •  How to navigate the Opus interface and understand the naming conventions used in the samples.
  •  Familiarity with the various instrument articulations, such as Sustain, Legato, Effects, and Short.
  •  How to perform with fluidity by using mod combo instruments and keyswitches.
  •  How to edit instruments (amp envelope, legato/portamento parameters, etc.) and mix the ensemble within the Opus Player mixer.
  •  and more!

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