Groove3 Preparing & Working with Movies in Logic Pro TUTORIAL

By | April 24, 2022

Groove3 Preparing & Working with Movies in Logic Pro TUTORIAL

Groove3 Preparing & Working with Movies in Logic Pro TUTORIAL

Logic Pro expert Doug Zangar presents a comprehensive series of video tutorials on working with movie files in Logic Pro! If you’re interested in film scoring with Logic Pro and all of the useful features it contains, this is the course to watch. Doug walks you through the complete process involved, from file management to getting the most from your virtual instruments and much more. You also get the movie file so you can follow along and create your own score! These videos are for Logic Pro users that are new to using video.

Doug welcomes you and starts by demonstrating how to import a movie into Logic Pro, including proper frame rate, audio sample rate, synced time code, and more. You’ll also learn different ways to navigate through the movie or how to change the SMTPE tie location, which allows you to place beat 1 in Logic at the start of the cue.

Next, explore how to work with markers, including naming, coloring, SMPTE locking, creating a tempo map, etc. Then dive into the world of articulations, configuring your virtual instruments in Kontakt and implementing key switches, CC values, note velocities, and more.

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll learn how to employ automation (mapping to external controllers, MIDI automation, dynamics, etc.), approximate the Urei click (triggering click from software instruments, configuring odd meters, etc.), export to music notation programs, and much more!

To see exactly what these in-depth tutorials show you, and how they’ll help make working with video in Logic Pro a seamless and painless experience, check out the individual Preparing & Working with Movies in Logic Pro video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to create your next film score in Logic Pro… watch “Preparing & Working with Movies in Logic Pro” now!

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