Groove3 RipX DeepAudio Explained TUTORIAL

By | October 7, 2022

Groove3 RipX DeepAudio Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 RipX DeepAudio Explained TUTORIAL

Audio separation software has come a long way, enabling you to separate different elements in a stereo track, removing or extracting the different instruments and sounds. It’s also great for repairing sounds and instrument’s pitch and timing! Join Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe for a thorough look at such a product: RipX DeepAudio. In this 105-minute RipX video course, you’ll learn all you need to know about manipulating audio signals – not only in a restorative or corrective sense, but also in musical, creative ways as well! These videos are for new RipX DeepAudio users.

After welcoming you to the course, Larry begins by discussing the various package options that are available before diving right in with a demonstration of extracting stems and openings files. You’ll also learn the difference between creating stems and the flexibility of editing the rip. Then, discover the process for editing and manipulating audio via selecting, deleting, cutting time, and adding audio effects.

Next, explore the editing concept further by focusing on two main topics – pitch and rhythm – including detecting and changing keys, changing notes, altering the groove, changing the tempo, and more. Then, Larry demonstrates how to rebalance audio layers and add EQ/panning, as well as affect playback by selecting loops.

Remaining topics include Audioshop tools (deleting, splitting, joining, drawing, replacing sound), advanced editing techniques (edit harmonics, creating a Shepard tone), mapping options (adding swing, panning, and volume changes over time), clean and repair menu (removing background and even foreground sound, removing low-frequency hum, increasing overtones and fundamental frequency), removing unwanted drum hits, and more!

These aren’t your father’s audio manipulation tools, that’s for sure! This RipX video course will teach you all you need to know about using RipX DeepAudio for various tasks in your next production. You can check out the RipX DeepAudio video descriptions below for more information on the contents of each and the impressive features of this plug-in. Don’t throw out those old, noisy tracks yet… watch “RipX DeepAudio Explained®” now!

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