Groove3 The Mechanics of Mixing in Studio One TUTORIAL

By | February 11, 2022

Groove3 The Mechanics of Mixing in Studio One TUTORIAL

Groove3 The Mechanics of Mixing in Studio One TUTORIAL

Studio guru Eli Krantzberg presents in-depth video tutorials on mixing with Presonus Studio One! If you’re new to mixing in Studio One, and you’re ready to take advantage of its numerous features that make mixing easier and quicker than ever, this is the course for you. Eli breaks down the process into easily digestible chunks, teaching you valuable general mixing strategies along the way as you learn the specific elements of Studio One. These videos are for those already familiar with Studio One. (For those brand new to Studio One, check out Studio One 5 Explained® or Studio One: Beginner’s Guide before watching this course.)

Eli welcomes you and begins by showing you you’re going to learn by playing a before-and-after comparison of the song used in this mixing tutorial. Right away, you’ll hear how the tips and techniques you’re about to learn can transform a mix from subpar to top notch! He then begins working through specific steps, starting with some organizational tools, such as strip silence, color-coding, metering, and more, that’ll help you stay focused and make your session more productive.

Next, explore the Mix Engine FX, which can emulate vintage console hardware down to the subtle saturation and crosstalk found in classic analog boards. Then learn how to setup various buses for grouping similar tracks, applying parallel processing, and more!

Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll follow along as Eli demonstrates how to process individual instruments (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc.), correct timing in loops and other samples, use automation on track parameters, buses, etc., create a vocal double with Melodyne, create various mix scenes for quick comparison of various mix elements, and much more!

To see exactly what’s contained in these detailed, comprehensive Studio One mixing tutorials, and how they’ll help you achieve pro-level sound with this amazing DAW, see the individual Mechanics of Mixing in Studio One video tutorial descriptions on this page. It’s time to get serious with your mixes … Watch “The Mechanics of Mixing in Studio One” now!


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