Groove3 VALVES Explained TUTORIAL

By | February 27, 2023

Groove3 VALVES Explained TUTORIAL

Groove3 VALVES Explained TUTORIAL

Join plugin expert Eli Krantzberg for a look at Native Instruments’ virtual brass instrument, VALVES, and learn all you need to know to start using it in your own tracks quickly and easily. You’ll learn how to adjust the voicings of chords, use macros for quick broad control of numerous parameters, create sequences, add effects, and much more! Eli will explain the features and demonstrate the sound of the plugin with various examples so you can hear for yourself what’s possible with VALVES. These videos are for new VALVES users.

Eli begins by welcoming you with a brief overview of VALVES, including what it does and how the main controls are laid out. Once you’re familiar with the basic layout, you’ll learn about the intelligent voicing system that allows you to choose how different notes of a chord are spread out. This can allow for dense, thick clusters of notes or wide, spacious groupings – whatever suits your needs.

Then Eli covers the Global controls, which is where you access macro-style changes and more. Explore the Sequencer page next, where you’ll find the Articulation Sequencer and learn how it’s used to create your own custom parts and arrangements. Then discover all the tricks to navigating the browser, including how to save your customized presets via Kontakt’s Snapshots. The Mixer page follows, where you’ll see how to add effects and shape the sound of the ensemble in various ways.

Eli also teaches you how to employ automation with VALVES, so you can modify the texture throughout the track with moment and part automation. Finally, you’ll learn how to create some more exotic noises and sounds that can be used to add some variety or create more minimalist-based arrangements.

With VALVES, there’s no need to hire an expensive brass section for your next production. This course will show you how to quickly get the most out of this unique instrument and harness its impressive ability to create truly realistic-sounding brass sounds.

Check out the VALVES video tutorial descriptions for more information on each video’s content and start adding that missing ingredient to your next production… watch “VALVES Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

  •  The layout and function of all the parameters and controls
  •  How to alter the voicing (note spacing) of chords in various ways
  •  How to create your own custom parts with the Articulation Sequencer
  •  Different ways to alter the sound of the ensemble via effects and mixing
  •  How to use automation to create variation and maintain interest throughout an arrangement

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