Guitar Technique Fundamentals TUTORIAL

By | March 16, 2023

Guitar Technique Fundamentals TUTORIAL

Guitar Technique Fundamentals TUTORIAL

Learn bullet proof, step-by-step, proven method that will teach you to play faster, cleaner and with maximum efficiency.

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn alternate picking
  • Learn economy picking
  • Learn killer finger exercises
  • Improve coordination between left and right hand
  • Learn effective warmup exercises
  • Prevent injury
  • Play faster with ease

A basic ability to play guitar would be good but is not a must

Hi and welcome to this course that´s going to make guitar playing much more fun and effective for you!
Do you wish you could play both faster and cleaner?
How about switching between chords with ease and a feeling of effortlessness?
Would you enjoy playing more???
If you answered YES,YES & OH YEAHHHH, this course is exactly what you’ve been missing! I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that…
First I´ll show you important warmup exercises, so your hands function with much more efficiency and you avoid injury. Then we´re going to be learning about posture and how to make your body/guitar coordination optimal for flawless playing.
Now we´re ready to start focusing on important finger exercises that will both make your hands stronger and your coordination better.
We are going to be learning about how to hold the pick properly, alternate picking, economic picking, hammer-on, pull-off, bending, sliding, professional exercises and much more!
If your ready to get serious on the guitar and make fast progress, this course is a must!!!
I have tested and refined this method on hundreds of real “one on one” students and I can’t wait to help you too!
You´ll be provided a 42 page picture e-book as a special BONUS. This is my way of saying “thanks” for joining the course. The book alone is valued at $50,- and it will teach you how to master the guitar fret-board in the most simple and easy way possible!
This is a no brainer, get in now and you will be happy you did 🙂
To your success!
See ya on the inside 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Guitarists who are looking to improve they’re technique

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